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The Do's and Dont's on Blacking Out Your Room!

The Do's and Dont's on Blacking Out Your Room!
  1. DO NOT USE A CHIP CLIP – The clip is greasy, smelly, and can damage your curtain!
  2. DO NOT USE A PANTS HANGER – The mental or plastic will put holes in your curtains!
  3. DO NOT USE A PILLOW FORT – The pillows don’t go high enough up the curtains without falling and they get dirty from the floor.
  4. DO NOT GO TO LAS VEGAS – Although the hotels there have the best blackout curtains (and the restaurants are amazing), this is not a permanent solution and is quite costly.
  5. DO GET A CURTAIN CLIP PRO – This is the easy and quick way to black out your room! It’s perfect for a nursery, sensitive sleeper, traveler, or just to improve sleep habits. 

These may seem self-explanatory to you, BUT you have no idea how many people we have talked to that use these ineffective devices to ensure a good night’s sleep.  We promise the Curtain Clip Pro is the best solution and strategy!

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