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Too bright to sleep?

Wake up refreshed and renewed every morning, thanks to the Curtain Clip Pro.

Miss California Endorsed!

See why Miss Califronia loves the Curtain Clip Pro.

Thank you!

"I used to wake up every morning at 6 am with the sun in my eyes and now I can sleep in and feel well rested."

— Sherry

Great nights sleep

"I would get sick all the time because I wasn't sleeping well enough,  I started using the curtain clip a few months ago and ever since, I have been much healthier and happier."

— Jacob

The best

"I will keep this in my travel bag from now on"

— Kristin

Well rested

"I tried every trick in the world to keep my kids sleeping in later. I came across the clip through the recommendation of my mom's group and now my kids are sleeping until 8 am and my husband I feel like refreshed parents."

— Sarah

Game changer

"As someone who travels all the time for work and pleasure the curtains in the hotel rooms never seem to close right and the clip has been a game changer."

— Juan

A must have

"The price is right for a great nights sleep. Run, don't walk!"

— Max

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