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Moms with a Mission!

We are two moms with a mission! Better sleep for us and our kids.

Courtney and Meredith met a decade ago in Los Angeles bonding over raising children, balancing work and family, and managing the busy demands of life. They immediately became best friends and promised to start a venture together celebrating entrepreneurship, health, and women. The Curtain Clip Pro was born from these two exhausted moms trying to get better and longer sleep for themselves, their children, and their husbands when they traveled. 

Meredith has been a renowned Veterinarian for over 20 years and spends her free time with her three children at their activities, theatre performances, and playdates. She is married to an OBGYB who puts a great emphasize on health and exercise. The family owns 4 rescue pets – 3 dogs and 1 cat – and may even add more.

Courtney has worked in the hospitality and finance industries and has a Cornell degree and an MBA from Boston College. She has five children and dedicates her spare time to attending their sports games, basketball tournaments, and dance competitions. She is married to a neurosurgeon who places incredible value on sleep and self-care. They have one happy, old dog.

Both women have been faced with the same issue with their bustling families. How do they keep everyone healthy and get a good night’s sleep? Sleep not only augments emotional and physical health, but also boosts brain development, appetite, and blood pressure. In addition, good slumber reduces stress and blood pressure. As a society, we need quality sleep to functional optimally in all aspects of our lives. We are all guilty of running around all day, staying up late, being woken up too early by sunlight, traveling with poor bedroom environments, having your children in your bed and then their internal clock gets you up before a proper waking hour, etc.  Together, Courtney and Meredith address these issues and feel they helped solve the problem!

Covid has also changed our world with human behavior and global expectations.  We see the extreme value in keeping our loved ones safe and advocating for our own health. As women entrepreneurs and wives of physicians, we have worked hard to create a novel product that blocks out the light in a room to prolong sleep in order to enhance overall health.

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