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Bedroom sleep tricks and tactics that actually work!

Bedroom sleep tricks and tactics that actually work!
  1. Make the room cold so it feels cavernous, and you can crawl under your blankets and snuggle to get cozy.
  2. Make the room dark so the early morning sun or external light does not wake you (this is an ideal time to give my Curtain Clip Pro shout out! – it’s a game changer)! Light is the leading cause of premature waking and exhaustion. 
  3. Make the room calm because it helps you sleep more peacefully. Turn off your televisions, phones, radios, etc. to help you… you can even introduce soft ambient noise to hush you to sleep.
  4. Make your bed comfy so you can fall into the soft pillows and comforter, close your eyes soundly, and drift quickly into dream land.
  5. Make your room exclusive for sleep so your body and mind associate your bedroom with rest and not activity or entertainment. Studies show that when your bedroom is used only for slumber, you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. 


    This helps create a happy and healthier you!

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