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Dance Trip to Disneyland

Dance Trip to Disneyland

My 4th child has been on a company dance team for the last 18 months and this past weekend was the highly anticipated Showstoppers competition at Disneyland, California. My daughter has been training seriously for this event over 7 ½ months so there was a lot of pressure on her performance.  I was always a strong dancer growing up, but my nerves and temperament made true success limited. Hotel stays can be fun, but they can also be exhausting because of the unhealthy menu selections and unappealing sleep situation.  Even though Disney is supposed to be magical and the happiest place on earth, it is also incredibly crowded and noisy. Before we left home, my girls packed snacks and, of course, the Curtain Clip Pro.  When we checked into the room, I was surprised that the curtains naturally had an overlap, so I was curious about the unwanted morning light. I quickly realized that the overlay did not solve the sun issue and the beams still entered the area.  We ended up using the Curtain Clip Pro the other nights to make the room dark.  At one point, my three girls and I shared the room and we all slept in until 9:30am. The weekend was an enormous hit for our amazing dance company, but also for my family from a movement, slumber, health, and happiness perspective!

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