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5 things to know about sleep and the body

5 things to know about sleep and the body

These are 5 important things that your body does while it sleeps: 

  • Your brain sorts and processes the information from the day. 

Your brain continues to work during nighttime slumber consolidating the information from the day, managing stress, repairing cognitive optimization, and creating long term memories. 

  • Helpful hormones flow through your body.

There are many hormones released during sleep that control sleep patterns and growth.  These are essential to repair both the body and mind.

  • Your sympathetic nervous system gets to rest.

Your sympathetic nervous system gets the well needed down time that is requires.  Without this, your flight or flight response increases and is more intense. 

  • Your cortisol levels decrease.

This important stress hormone lowers during sleep so you can relax and then peaks during wake-up so you can start your day with energy and an appetite.

  • Your immune system reboots.

While you sleep, your body releases proteins to help your body fight inflammation, infection, and trauma.  When you don’t sleep enough, your immune system is compromised. And, during winter post pandemic, we all need a strong and healthy body!

In summary, the better and longer sleep that you can guarantee on a nightly basis, the higher the chances of a healthier and happier you! The Curtain Clip Pro can be your next best friend for optimizing sleep! Try it. It’s already changed so many lives. 

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