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Rain as a sleep aid?

Rain as a sleep aid?

The endless rain in Los Angeles has made me sleepy and slow the last couple of weeks.  The weather is cool and reminds me of my east coast fall seasons as a child. Although it does bring back some wonderful memories of playing in the colorful leaves and the smell of warm fires, it also reminds me that there is a reason that I moved to California! Lol. My children now lie in bed during weekdays and refuse to get dressed for school. How do I motivate them? How do I motivate myself? We all must get up and get going in the most successful way possible! From stalking the weather across the country, I see that a considerable amount of the US is in a similar situation. 

This got me thinking and researching… there seems to be a strong link between consistent and dark environments that impactful restful sleep. Whether rain or shine, it’s important to have your bedroom dark on a nightly basis so your body can predict and set a sleep pattern.  This promotes better physical and cognitive health that is essential during the winter months where seasonal depression is rampant.

Another reason why I created the curtain clip pro. A good nights sleep in a dark room cures what ails ya! 

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