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Vacation w/Kids Sleep Tip

Vacation w/Kids Sleep Tip

After many years of staying local over the holidays due to Covid (and what seems like an endless array of other nasty viruses that plague our world these days), my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and brave travel to the east coast with all the children to visit my parents. Shockingly, we had a smooth plane ride with no delays and minimal bickering from the children.  We decide to pump the kids full of unhealthy snacks and mindless technology to give ourselves a glimmer of peace and quiet. I successfully watched a movie and read my gossip magazines while my husband did some work sprinkled with frequent visits to his ESPN and fantasy football pages. 

After we landed, got our bags, taxied to the hotel, we settled into our adjoining rooms.  My oldest son was quick to ask if I brought the Curtain Clips as my youngest daughter was playing peek-a-boo in the sea of floor to ceiling cloth and sheer material. He’s proud that his mom is actively trying to pursue entrepreneurship. In fact, yes I had! I wasn’t going to leave relaxation, sleep, and health up to chance. Daily life is way, way too exhausting! This was actually my first time using the clips on vacation and it was a GAME CHANGER!!!!!! I was initially worried about the 3-hour time change, bright Floridian sun, and noise of stranger in the hall.  The Curtain Clip made the room beautifully and wonderfully dark and comfortable. 

I am proud and thrilled to say that ALL MY KIDS slept in every single day. Dare I say that I even had to wake them a couple times so that we didn’t miss organized activities. They even maintained the time difference which was shocking and made the whole vacation so much more enjoyable. My husband and I got to rest and sleep we needed too. I’m know I’m completely bias, BUT, I’m never going to leave home without the Curtain Clip Pro during vacations or trip again.  

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